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% Author: Izaak Neutelings (February 2019)
\usepackage[outline]{contour} % glow around text
\usetikzlibrary{angles,quotes} % for pic (angle labels)
\tikzset{>=latex} % for LaTeX arrow head

\tikzstyle{material}=[top color=blue!30,bottom color=blue!50,shading angle=10]
\tikzstyle{measure}=[fill=white,midway,inner sep=2]



  \draw[material] (0,-\W/2) rectangle ++(\L,\W);
  \draw[<->] (0,-1.4*\W) --++ (\L,0) node[measure] {$L_0$};
  \node[right=4pt] at (\L,0) {$T_0$};
    \draw[material] (0,-\W/2) rectangle ++(\L+\dL,\W);
    \draw[<->] (0,-1.4*\W) --++ (\L,0) node[measure] {$L_0$};
    \draw[<->,below] (\L,-1.4*\W) --++ (\dL,0) node[measure] {$\Delta L$};
    \node[right=4pt] at (\L+\dL,0) {$T_0+\Delta T$};


Click to download: heat_expansion.texheat_expansion.pdf
Open in Overleaf: heat_expansion.tex

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