Feynman Loop Diagram


Edit and compile if you like:


\begin{tikzpicture}[very thick,q0/.style={->,DarkBlue,semithick,yshift=5pt,shorten >=5pt,shorten <=5pt}]

  % Loop
  \draw (0,0) circle (\radius);
  \node[above] (1) at (0,\radius) {$m_1^2$, $\gamma_1^2$};
  \node[below] (2) at (0,-\radius) {$m_2^2$, $\gamma_2^2$};
  \draw[q0] (140:0.75*\radius) arc (140:40:0.75*\radius) node[midway,below] {$q_0$};

  % External lines
  (-2*\radius,0) -- (-\radius,0) circle (2pt)
  (\radius,0) circle (2pt) -- (2*\radius,0);
  \draw[q0] (-2*\radius,0) -- (-\radius,0) node[midway,above] {$q_0$};
  \draw[q0] (\radius,0) -- (2*\radius,0) node[midway,above] {$q_0$};


Click to download: diagram.tex
Open in Overleaf: diagram.tex
This file is available on tikz.netlify.app and on GitHub and is MIT licensed.
See more on the author page of Janosh Riebesell..

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