Quantum Statistical Distributions

Comparing Bose-Einstein, Boltzmann and Fermi-Dirac distributions.


Edit and compile if you like:



      xlabel = $\beta (\epsilon - \mu)$,
      ylabel = $\langle n\rangle$,
      ymin = 0,ymax = 1.8,
      axis lines = center,
      every tick/.style = {thick},
      legend cell align=left,
      legend style={legend pos=north east,font=\tiny},

    \addplot[color=blue,domain=0:\xmax]{1/(e^x - 1)};
    \addplot[color=red,domain = -\xmax:\xmax]{1/(e^x + 1)};



Click to download: distributions.tex
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This file is available on tikz.netlify.app and on GitHub and is MIT licensed.
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