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% File name: nautilus.tex
% Description: 
% A geometric representation of a nautilus is shown.
% Date of creation: January, 03rd, 2021.
% Date of last modification: October, 9th, 2022.
% Author: Efraín Soto Apolinar.
% Source: To appear in the English version of the 
% Glosario Ilustrado de Matem\'aticas Escolares.
% Terms of use:
% According to
% Your commitment to the terms of use is greatly appreciated.
	% parametric equations of the surface
	\tikzmath{function equis(\u,\v) {return 1.2^(\v) * (sin(\u r) * sin(\u r)* cos(\v r));};}
	\tikzmath{function ye(\u,\v) {return 1.2^(\v) * (sin(\u r) * sin(\u r) * sin(\v r));};}
	\tikzmath{function zeta(\u,\v) {return 1.2^(\v) * (sin(\u r) * cos(\u r));};}
	% values for the domain of the graph
	% The graph of the nautilus
	\foreach \u in {0,\step,...,\tf}{
		\draw[cyan,opacity=0.25] plot[domain=\ti:\tf,smooth,variable=\v,samples=\n] ({\r*equis(\u,\v)},{\r*ye(\u,\v)},{\r*zeta(\u,\v)});
	\foreach \v in {0,\step,...,\tf}{
		\draw[cyan,opacity=0.25] plot[domain=\ti:\tf,smooth,variable=\u,samples=\n] ({\r*equis(\u,\v)},{\r*ye(\u,\v)},{\r*zeta(\u,\v)});

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